Monday, 25 June 2012

A Brief on Professional Duplication of CD and DVD

DVD and CD duplication is a professional job and some companies in the UK have taken this task to heights of perfection. These companies provide high quality services to the CD industry. The services not only include CD and DVD duplication but also replication of CD and DVD besides audio and video mastering and others. The services are ideal for fast turnaround and smaller runs and you get better quality since firstly the products are on grade “A” professional media and secondly the entire production passes through a rigorous procedure in quality control. Further, all the equipment used in this duplication work is maintained religiously and calibrated periodically thereby ensuring that the products you get are of the highest standards.

There are several services in addition to CD duplication and DVD duplication and one of these is the screen printing of CD and DVD. This work is ideal for the art work that involves the use of spot colours.  You have the choice of either leaving them blank for burning data later or you can entrust the task of duplication to the company. Screen printing of CD and DVD is an excellent option where fast turnaround is involved and where the quantities are between mid levels to high. Thermal transfer printing is another service that you can avail of. This will give you a print of photographic quality for any scale of quantity you have in mind. The print has a robust weather proof finish and the results can rival lithographic printing. Excellent Taiyo Yuden media is used along with the newest equipment by a company that has not yet had a failure after having duplicated hundreds of thousands of discs consecutively.

When you have a task for CD duplication or DVD duplication you can also consider opting for high resolution inkjet printing of discs. There is no minimum run specified and you can get vibrant colour reproduction with the high resolution inkjets besides unmatched photographic quality. This process involving inkjet is cost effective, has been used for more than a decade and is a high quality option where the runs are smaller. The inkjet-printed discs are finished with a coating of lacquer that creates a glossy finish with a smudge-free and durable surface. Recently a series of digitally printed labels of a high quality have been introduced. However, this does not compare favourably in comparison with the thermal or inkjet printing processes. Some of the other services include lithographic offset printing, CD packaging services, CD mastering and re-mastering services, video conversion and mastering services besides data and media conversion services.

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